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Appliance Insurance

Appliance Insurance:

Protect Your Home Investments

Your household appliances are the backbone of everyday convenience, making life smoother and more efficient. Yet, when unexpected breakdowns or malfunctions occur, the costs for repairs or replacements can create a significant dent in your budget. This is where appliance insurance comes in, providing a shield against unforeseen expenses and ensuring your home appliances remain operational without causing financial strain.




Get full protection with Gold package, $160 deductible per appliance for repairs, reimbursement, or replacement. Gold package includes annual one time full maintenance visit to keep your appliance performing at its finest. "Experience fast and reliable repairs without sacrificing quality! Our team offers expedited services that ensure your device is up and running in no time, while still delivering top-notch results. Trust us to get the job done quickly and efficiently, without compromising on the quality you deserve."



Get full protection with silver package, $240 deductible per appliance for any repairs, reimbursement, or replacement. Looking for speedy and hassle-free repair services? You're in luck! Our repair services are lightning fast and scheduling is a breeze. Say goodbye to long waits and hello to a seamless repair experience.



Get full protection with Platinum package, $70 deductible per appliance for repairs, reimbursement, or replacement. Platinum package includes annual two-time full maintenance visit to keep your appliance performing at its finest. "Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to speedy results! Our appliance repair service is fast, efficient, and guaranteed to get your appliances back on track in no time."

Mr. V Appliance Repair Employees

Why Consider Appliance Insurance?

  • Financial Protection: Shield yourself from unexpected repair or replacement costs that could strain your finances.

  • Peace of Mind: Rest assured that your appliances, the backbone of your daily routine, are covered against unforeseen breakdowns.

  • Convenience: Quick and easy access to repair services without the hassle of finding reliable technicians or worrying about high service fees.

At MR. V APPLIANCE, we understand the value of a smoothly functioning household. Our appliance insurance plans offer comprehensive coverage, ensuring your appliances remain in top condition without compromising your financial stability.

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